Why Write Like a Man?

Have you ever had to write something, and you found yourself staring at a blank page? Were you too stressed out even to type? What did you do?

Maybe you warmed over a paragraph already written long ago. Or maybe, like many business owners, you delegated the job to your assistant, rather than write the words yourself.

We are facing a major crisis in business communication. The people who need to be writing, aren’t. The people who are doing all the writing, meanwhile, aren’t being real with us.  Too often they’re hiding behind weasel words, hackneyed clichés, and jargon.

After five years working as a copywriter, I decided to speak up. Or rather, write up.

I believe that good business communication – indeed, all good writing – is about being vulnerable and telling the truth. Even when, especially when that means delivering bad news.

But no one is going to open up without the confidence to write.

That’s why I wrote this ebook, WRITE LIKE A MAN.

It’s not about your gender. It’s about having the courage to put your soul on paper, for all the world to see.

Download your copy today.

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