Want to Know a Secret?

If you think of yourself as a bad writer, you’re not to blame. English teachers and grammar scolds don’t help with their arbitrary rules that rarely make any sense. And then Strunk and White go and make it even more confusing with their “Elements of Style,” a guidebook that has persuaded generations of students to write like squares from the 1950s down to today.

Pst. I’ve got a secret for you.

There are no rules.

It is an open secret – for decades, linguists have agreed that the rules of grammar are all made up, and not really rules at all. But the experts haven’t done a very good job of cluing in the rest of us. Someone has to shout it from the rooftops. And that, my friends, is what WRITE LIKE A MAN is all about.

With enough practice, anyone can learn to write clear, concise prose that other people would like to read. But first, you have to abandon the prescriptive grammar guides that claim to dictate what English is. You have to unlearn a lot of what your teachers’ taught you.

Of course, it always helps to know a few rules so that you can break them cleverly.

More about that, coming soon.

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