10 Ways to Write a Love Letter

A good love note is one of the most challenging and risky things a guy can write. But it can be done. This Valentine’s Day, follow these ten guidelines and your words will win her heart.

BTW – Because it’s often straight men who need the most help, I put these together for guys to write notes to their lady friends. But that doesn’t mean they don’t apply to everyone else – female, gay, whatever – you can score, too, with these 10 tips to write a love letter.

Here goes.

1. Write It By Hand

Email and text are too easy. Romance requires that you show a little effort. So take out a piece of paper and use a nice ink pen.

2. Salutations

Don’t waste time agonizing over “Dear Girlfriend” versus “My dearest, loveliest munchkin.”

Start with your beloved’s first name. This is the easy part. The first word you write is that person’s first name. Then a comma. That’s it. If her legal name is Catherine but she goes by Cat to you and all your friends, then your love letter begins with, “Cat,” – simple as that.

3. Compliments

Pick the one thing you like most about him or her. Aim for personality, not anatomy. “You always know how to make me laugh” is way more romantic than describing her ass.

4. Say How You Feel

This one can get tough if you linger too long, so I suggest you cut to the chase. Simply fill in the blank. “You make me feel ___.” You don’t have to gush or get sentimental. “I feel more excited and fun when you’re around.”

5. Look Forward

Extend an invitation, like “Let’s get a drink soon.” Or if that’s too forward, then express a hope for the future. “I hope we’ll get to know each other better.” Either way, give her something to look forward to.

6. Don’t Apologize

Never, ever say “I know this is crazy” or apologize if you’re being too aggressive. Simply suggesting that you might be creepy will only plant the idea in her head.

7. Avoid Clichés

“You complete me” is totally beyond the pale. And song lyrics are all wrong, too. The rule of thumb goes like this – if it sounds vaguely familiar, like something you may have heard in a song or a movie, then forget about it.

9. Keep it short

Like, no more than a page. Single-sided. Anything longer, and you’re competing with the Russians.

10. The Farewell

Should you write “Sincerely,” “Yours Truly,” or “Best Regards”? The best answer is – none of the above. If you’re already in a serious relationship, then you can get away with a simple “Love,” – but if you’ve only just met, then leave it out. Skip a line, sign your name, and congratulate yourself on your excellent tact.

So what do you think? Helpful? Romantic? Not squishy enough? If any of you out there use these guidelines, then send me a note and let me know how it works out! Give me some feedback in the comments.

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