How Did I Get Here?

Lots of practice, that’s how.

I’ve written more than a dozen advertising campaigns. I’ve written for billboards, print ads, TV and radio. And I’ve written web content at which you could shake a stick.

I’ve toiled as a copywriter for years. And before that, I was an editor for some academic journals. Plus, I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and proofreading other people’s work. And over time, I have observed a common trend:

Some of the smartest, most educated people are the ones who have the toughest struggle to write.

In fact, I could even claim that it’s harder for smart, educated people to write. Not only is their professional reputation at stake – thanks to our schools, they’ve got their heads filled with years of doublespeak and jargon.

As a result, I spend the majority of my time as an editor, crossing out clichés, meaningless words, redundancies, and sometimes a whole sentence that doesn’t belong. My final version is often half the length of the rough draft.

But why should you pay me to edit your work for you? Wouldn’t you rather learn to write with concision and edit your work yourself?

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