Contest: Name My Next Book!

At first, I meant for WRITE LIKE A MAN to target, well, men. Because let’s face it, when it comes to expressing themselves in writing, a lot of guys need a lot of help. And almost all the language mavens I’ve met have been women.

When I checked the stats to see who’s buying and downloading my ebook, I was surprised to find the numbers split evenly down the middle. It’s about 50-50 male and female readers so far.

In the ebook, I make it clear that WRITE LIKE A MAN has nothing to do with gender. To write like a man means to communicate in a way that’s confident. To write decisively, even when you don’t know the rules. To be honest and tell the truth, to mean what you say and say what you mean.

As far as I can tell, those are virtues that belong to women and men alike.

Still, a couple of people have wondered if the title is meant to be sexist, as if to say that men are naturally better writers than women. That certainly wasn’t my intention at all. Like I said, in my experience, I’ve met more women who write well.

But just to make sure I’m not excluding anyone, I’ve decided to play fair and make a second ebook.

WRITE LIKE A MAN is getting a sister.

This one’s for the ladies. But what should I call it?

I’m opening this one up to the readers. Leave me a comment and suggest a title for my next ebook, coming out later this year.

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