Read This: How to Choose Words to Distinguish Yourself

Read this short article in FastCompany by Nacie Carson. It’s about finding the best words to describe ourselves, and choosing words to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Money quote:

Start with a statement about yourself as a professional using one of your current descriptors, like “I am an excellent communicator,” and then ask yourself “Why?” Why are you an excellent communicator? You might respond with, “Because I write concisely and clearly.” Then you ask yourself, “Why?” And then you respond, and then you ask again. A “why chain” is an excellent tool to help you drill down a generic descriptor to a more original term, and also help you to personalize it. You aren’t just finding a new way of saying “excellent communicator,” you are finding a way to describe your specific way of communicating. 

Some good advice in here. The challenge, of course, is living up to the words you choose for yourself.

What about you? Instead of “passionate and creative,” what words would you choose to describe who you are?


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